Directory of Tour Guides in Spain

Tour Guides in Andalusia


APIT Córdoba
Professional Association of Tour Guides of Cordova.

Maria Cañete Calero, Private Tour Guide in Cordoba
I am a licensed professional Tour Guide with experience; I conduct and organize private tours of Cordoba for groups and individual travelers, in English, French and Spanish.
The tours can be tailored to your specific requests: Jewish Quarter, Mosque-Cathedral, Synagogue, Alcazar, Museums, etc.


Guías Granada
Guided visits and tours with Official local guides
Save money and time, booking directly an official tourist guide in order to visit the Alhambra and the rest of monuments of Granada.

Cooperativa Guias de Turismo de Granada SCA
Licensed Guide-Interpreters will unveil for you the heritage of Granada in an interesting and informative way.


APIT Málaga
Professional Association of Tour Guides in Malaga


Alicia Caceres
I am a professional of tourism since 1984, licensed at the prestigious "Escuela Superior de Turismo".
I am a tour guide of Seville and province with many years of experience. Member of the official Tourist Guides Association in Seville, I can offer all kind of touristic facilities for your clients.

Antonio Doblas
Discover Sevilla in Andalusia with qualified Tour Guides, tailor made and walking tours, bike tours, cooking lessons, wine tastings, sightseeing by horse carriages, tapas tours, flamenco shows, balloon tours, ranch tours, river cruise.

Tour Guides in Aragon

Zaragoza Tour Guides
We are Art Historians, official guides of tourism. We have spent more than twelve years explaining the art and history of the city.

Tour Guides in Asturias

APIT Asturias
The tourist guides members of this Professional Association do tours of Gijón, Oviedo, Avilés and surroundings.

Tour Guides in the Balearic Islands

Mallorca Tour Guides
Are you hiring personal private tour guides for your Mallorca day tours, shore excursions, cultural visits and private tours ? We only operates in Malllorca directly to the best licensed professionals.You will get the best value here.

Visita Palma
Guided walks in the Old City of Palma and other interesting places. Services, are for individuals and pre-booked groups at your own timetable and convenience.

Col·legi Oficial Guies Turistics Illes Balears
Guild of Licensed Tour Guides of the Balearic Islands

Tour Guides in the Basque Country

APIT-Euskadi (Professional Association of Tourist Guides in Euskadi)
We are a group of tourist guides committed to one simple yet demanding cause: to  give you a unique insight into the sites you visit and the areas in which you travel, leaving you with fantastic vivid memories of your time in the Basque Country.

Tour Guides in the Canary Islands

APIT Tenerife
Professional Association of Tourist Guides of Tenerife

Tour Guides in Cantabria

Guías de Cantabria
The official tour guides association in Cantabria is an independent professional organization, non-lucrative, formed by free professional associates whose job and economic activity is performed as tour guides in Cantabria.

Guías de Santander y Cantabria
Asociación de Guías Turísticos Oficiales de Santander y Cantabria (A. G. T. O. S. C.)

Tour Guides in Castille & León

Guía Turístico Regional de Castilla y León

Tour Guide in Segovia
Ven a visitar Segovia: la ciudad del Acueducto conmigo:
Me llamo Leticia Hernández y soy Guía Oficial de Turismo de la provincia de Segovia.

Tour Guides in Castille La Mancha
Tour Guides in Catalonia


Barcelona Tour Guides
Private Guided Tours of Barcelona and surroundings with licensed tour guides and luxury vehicles for parties of all sizes.

Tour Guides in Estremadura

Tour Guides in Galicia

 Santiago de Compostela

Galicia Tour Guides Professional Association

Tour Guides in La Rioja

Tour Guides in Madrid

IMM Guided Tours
Official expert-guided local visits, in and around Madrid, and tour-director services, for tours around Spain and Europe.

Madrid Guided Tour
Cultural Tours of Madrid with official tour guides, graduated in History, Art History and Humanities.

APIT Madrid
The Spanish National Association of Professional Tourist Guides (APIT- Madrid) is a non-profit organization that has been offering its services for 50 years.

Tour Guides in Murcia

Murcia Official Tourist Guides
Guided tours of Murcia and its region with licensed tour guides.

Cartagena Official Tourist Guides
Guided tours of Cartagena and its region with licensed tour guides.

Tourist Guides in Caravaca
Guided tours of Caravaca, the fifth most important place of pilgrimage in Catholic tradition.

Mejor con Guía
Official bi-lingual - well specialised tour guides for tours, excursions, cultural visits and any other tourist services in the areas of Cartagena and Murcia (Spain). We keep easy efficient access to a wide network of professionals in order to provide our customers -either individuals or groups- a well qualified and customised support all along their visits in the area of Cartagena and Murcia.

Cartagena Spain Tours
Walking & Private tours in Cartagena Spain

Tour Guides in Navarre

Tour Guides in Valencia

A Valencia Guías
Guided Tours and cultural visits of Valencia and surroundings.

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Why hire a Private Tour Guide?

In just a few hours, a Tourist Guide will provide you with:

  • Customized information about the sights and places of interest
  • Useful insider tips and knowledge that will help you make the most of your often short stay (transports, restaurants, where to and not to go, when, etc.)
  • Comfort and privacy: private tours are for your party only, they start at the time of your choice and go at your own pace and to the places you really want to see.
  • Simplicity: as independent professionals, private tourist guides often have simple and straightforward reservation and payment procedures.
  • Hiring a private guide is also cost-effective as you deal directly with the person who will attend you.
  • In most places, licensed Tourist Guides have preferential access to busy sights and museums. Why stand in line when you could walk past it with a private guide and a few friends?

Specify a Licensed Guide

In Spain like in many other countries, tour guiding is a registered activity requiring a licence issued by the local Tourist Authority.

If you really want to enjoy the a benefits of hiring a Private Tour Guide, insist on a Licensed Guide.