Barcelona Frederic Marès Museum

A collector's paradise...

If you are fond of collecting things, all kind of things, then this is your museum.
Frederic Marès (1893-1991) was a wealthy Catalan sculptor, well read and well travelled, who spent most of his fortune gathering all kinds of objects, from medieval art works to 19th and 20th centuries items.
At the turn of the century, Spain (and Italy, Greece, etc.) were being quietly plundered by art traffickers who visited churches in remote rural or mountain villages to carry away all the art works they could lay their hands on, including mural paintings.

Entrance to the Frederic Mares Museum Alarmed by this fact and by the general decay of these small remote churches, Frederic Marès did his best to preserve this legacy searching and obtaining a wide collection of medieval art works (sculptures, altar-pieces, accessories, etc.), which are now displayed in the Middle Ages section of the Museum.

Sensible to his time, Marès also realized how so many daily life objects would actually disappear, erased by progress, and he extended his passion for collecting and preserving to all kinds of daily life items and things, also displayed at the Museum (upper stories).

The Frederic Marès Museum stands in the small lane, left of the Cathedral, and occupies a series of buildings refurbished in the forties, which include rooms formerly belonging to the Royal Palace.

Museu Frederic Marès

Address: Sant Iu, 5-6
In the lane to the left of the Cathedral
Area: Gothic Quarter
Metro: L3 (Catalunya, Liceu) - L4 (Jaume I L1 (Catalunya)

Opening Days and Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday:  10 am to 7 pm
Sundays and Holidays:  10 am to 3 pm
Closed on: Mondays.
Price: € 4.20
Free Admission:
Wednesday afternoon
First Sunday of the month
11 + Persons // Price: € 2.80