Barcelona Port Cable Car or Transbordador Aeri del Port

Hanging between the sky and the sea

Built on the occasion of the 1929 World Fair, like the Spanish Village and the Magic Fountain, the Trasbordador Aeri crosses over Barcela Harbour from La Barceloneta to Montjuïc Hill with a stop next to Barcelona World Trade Center.

The ride takes about 5 min. and cars have a capacity for 19 people. They run every 10 min. or less when there are many people.

We recommend to start the ride at either la Barceloneta or Montjuïc instead of the stop in between, even though it is closer to town and easier to reach.

Barcelona Harbour Cable Car

Operating Hours:

  • Oct. 20th to Feb. 29th: 10:00 to 18:00H
  • March 1st to June 6th: 10:45 to 19:00H
  • June 9th to Sept. 14th: 11:00 to 20:00H
  • Sept. 15th to Oct. 19th: 10:45 to 19:00H

Prices: One Way: € 9.00
Return: € 12.50
Tel. 93 430 47 16

Service can be suspended due to strong wind or bad weather.