Barcelona Golondrinas

Boat Rides in Barcelona Port and along the SeaFront

The Golondrinas could be the oldest nautical attraction in Barcelona as its "Golondrinas" (a Spanish word meaning sparrow and a type of motorboat) started to take people by the Port on the occasion of the 1888 World Fair.

And today its new state–of–the–art Golondrinas keep offering enjoyable and pleasant rides along Barcelona seafront and harbor.

The have two rides: the traditional and shorter one lasts about 35 min. and goes by the Port facilities, piers and docks. The boat themselves are the traditional ones.

The other longer ride, lasting 90 min, actually sails out of the Port and along Barcelona seafront. As the city is built on a slope, you do get nice views. The boats are modern trimarans with capacity for 150 and 196 people.

Golondrina trimaran    Golondrinas Boat Rides

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Address: Portal de la Pau s/n
(Opposite Columbus Monument)
Tel. 93 442 31 06

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