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Just like the España Ramblas, Petit Palace Boquería is located on a small street off La Rambla. It is named after its street : Boquería, which is also the name of the famous food market. And garden refers to an actual garden in the building atrium.



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Book at Petit Palace Boquería Garden

The Petit Palace Boquería Garden Hotel is a hotel in Boquería of Barcelona with a unique accommodation offer for families and executives and with exclusive services such as iPads, Wi-Fi, cots, bicycles and accommodation for pets, everything for free.

The new Petit Palace Boquería Garden Hotel, which is the result of the union of the Petit Palace Opera Garden Hotel and the Petit Palace Boquería Hotel, is a hotel with garden in Ramblas of Barcelona, a hundred-year nook protected for its special value, and with an outdoor terrace perfect for living special moments. Make a reservation now on the official website of the Petit Palace Boquería Garden.